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TM 10-4930-239-12&P *Complete Repair: Maintenance capacity, capability, and authority to perform all corrective maintenance tasks of the "Repair" function in a use/user environment in order to restore serviceability to a failed item. (1) SourceCode. The source code tells you how to get an item needed for maintenance, repair, or overhaul of an end item/equipment. Explanations of source codes follows: Source Code Explanation PA Stocked items; use the applicable NSN to request/requisition items with these PB source codes. They are authorized to the category indicated by the code PC** entered in the 3rd position of the SMR code. PD PE **NOTE: Items coded PC are subject to deterioration. PF PG KD Items with these codes are not to be requested/requisitioned individually. They KF are part of a kit which is authorized to the maintenance category indicated in the KB 3rd position of the SMR code. The complete kit must be requisitioned and applied. MO - (Made at Unit/AVUM Items with these codes are not to be requested/req uisitioned Level) individually. They must be made from bulk material which MF - (Made at DS/AVUM is identified by the part number in the DESCRIPTION and Level) USABLE ON CODE (UOC) column and listed in the Bulk MH - (Made at GS Level) Material group of the repair parts list in this RPSTL. If the ML - (Made at Specialized item is authorized to you by the 3rd position code of the SMR Repair Activity (SRA)) code, but the source code indicates it is made at a higher MD - (Made at Depot) level, order the item from the higher level of maintenance. AO - (Assembled by Unit/AVUM Items with these codes are not to be requested/ Level) requisitioned individually. The parts that make up AF - (Assembled by DS/AVIM the assembled item must be requisitioned or Level) fabricated and assembled at the level of AH - (Assembled by GS maintenance indicated by the source code. If the Category) 3rd position code of the SMR code authorizes you AL - (Assembled by SRA) to replace the item, but the source code indicates AD - (Assembled by Depot) the items are assembled at a higher level, order the item from the higher level of maintenance. XA - Do not requisition "XA"-coded item. Order its next higher assembly. (Refer to the NOTE below.) XB - If an "XB" item is not available from salvage, order it using the CAGEC and part number given. XC - Installation drawing, diagram, instruction sheet, field service drawing, that is identified manufacturer's part number. XD - Item  is  not  stocked.  Order  an  "XD"-coded  item  through  normal  supply  channels  using  the  CAGEC  and  part number given ,if no NSN is available. F-2 } } } }

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