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Page Title: Operating Procedures.
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TM  10-4930-232-12&P c. d. e. f. g. h. The wye and tee assembly (4) is the receiving manifold for the system. Grounding equipment should be used whenever fuel is received through the manifold, because contact between the manifold and the ground is not perfect. Connect suction hose assemblies (5) between the wye and tee assembly (4) and gate valves (6). Connect the remaining suction hose assemblies (7) at the wye and tee assembly (4), pumps (2) and gate valves (8). Connect suction lines to tee assemblies, gate valves and hose assemblies supplied with the tanks (1). Connect discharge hose assemblies (9 and 10), wye assemblies (11 and 12), gate valves (13) to pump (2), filter/separators (3) and tee assemblies (14). Connect reducer (15), discharge hose assemblies (16 and 17), tee assemblies (18), reducer (19), quick-acting valve (20), hose assemblies (21) and tee assemblies (22). Connect hose assemblies (23) and quick-acting valves (24) to tee assemblies (14). Connect hose assemblies (25) and quick-acting valves (26) to tee assemblies. Connect hose assemblies (27) and nozzles (28) to tee assemblies (22). Ensure dust caps (29 and 30) and dust plug (31 ) are in place. CAUTION Extreme care must be taken to prevent injury to fingers or hands when driving the ground rods. Do not place hands between the ram and drive collar. Gloves should be worn. Remove nozzle grounding rods from accessory containers. Grounding rods are mandatory for use with the system. Ground system properly by driving rods into ground at least 36 inches before connecting nozzle ground cable clamps. Nozzle ground rods will be placed near the end of the discharge hose, so each nozzle can be hung on the bracket on the top of the grounding rod when the nozzle is not in use. 2-6. Operating Procedures.  Perform the procedures in the following paragraphs to store and dispense fuel. WARNING Before operating the fuel system be sure that all components are properly grounded. There shall be no smoking in the area of the fuel system at any time. Be sure that fire extinguishing equipment is available and operational. Failure to heed this warning can cause explosion and/or fire and can lead to personal injury or DEATH. CAUTION Make certain that all valves are closed before starting any operation. NOTE All reference to index numbers in the following steps refer to figure 2-2. a. Fuel Storage. Perform the following steps to store fuel in the collapsible tanks. (1) Attach the gate valve (1) to the outlet of the fuel transporter or pipeline and open the gate valves. 2-6

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