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Page Title: Installation
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the breaker points open and close properly as the
remove the end cap (12) and gasket (13) to provide
magneto cam rotates.
easy access to the breaker points.
(12) Position the gasket (13) and end cap (12)
(4) Remove the retaining ring (14) and remove
on the magneto case and secure with four screws (10
the movable contact (15) from the pivot.
and 11).
(5)  Remove the terminal screw (16), and
(13) Check the distributor rotor (8) for cracks,
disconnect the leads and the primary ground spring (17).
worn mounting hole, and burned contacts. If defective,
(6) Remove the screw (18) and washer (19)
use a new rotor. Install the rotor spring slip (9) and
that secure the one end of the stationary contact (23) to
the magneto. Remove the screw (20), washer (21), and
(14) Inspect the distributor block (6) and cable
cam wick (22). Remove the stationary contact from the
outlet knobs (1) for cracks, arc paths, burned terminals,
and other damage. Replace if defective. Install a new
(7) Apply a light coat of grease on the magneto
brush and spring (7) and the distributor block on the
cam. Position the stationary contact of the new breaker
magneto with four screws (5).
point set on the magneto bearing support; secure by
(15) Install a new preformed packing (4) on a
installing the cam wick (22), screw (20), and washer
new capacitor (3) and secure with two screws (2). The
(21). Install the screw (18) and washer (19), but do not
rear terminal of the capacitor must contact the primary
ground spring (17).
(8) Position the movable contact (15) of the
c. Installation. Timing the magneto to the engine is
new breaker point set on the pivot on the bearing
support; secure with the retaining ring.
a critical procedure. Install the magneto as follows:
(9) Install the primary ground spring (17) and
(1)  Remove the rear spark plug from the
the leads with the terminal screw (16).
engine. Put your thumb over the spark plug hole and
(10) Crank the engine so that the cam follower
crank the engine until No. 6 cylinder starts on the
of the movable contact is on the high portion of the cam.
compression stroke.  This is indicated by air being
Insert a feeler gage between the contact points. The
compressed against your thumb as the piston rises in
required contact gap is 0.015 inch. Adjust the position
the cylinder.
of the stationary contact (23) to provide the required
(2) Set the piston on top-dead-center by slowly
point gap when the cam holds the contacts fully open.
cranking until the DC mark on the flywheel (2, fig. 4-22),
Tighten the screw (18) to secure the adjustment. Check
visible through the timing hole (1) in the housing, is
that screw (20) is also tight.
aligned with the timing mark pointer. Hold the engine at
(11)  Rotate the magneto shaft to check that
this setting

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