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Page Title: Fuel Strainer, Fuel Lines, and Fittings
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TM 5-4320-234-12
c.  The fuel strainer (16) contains a filter for
thermostatically controlled heat valve to direct exhaust
gases through passages in the intake manifold to
removing dirt from the fuel.
It is encased in a
provide faster engine warmup.
removable glass bowl which permits quick visual
inspection of the fuel for the presence of water or dirt.
g. The  emission  control  system  recirculates
Another fuel line connects the fuel strainer to the fuel
combustion gases which blow past the pistons, so that
inlet of the carburetor.
these gases are burned in the engine.  The flow is
d. The carburetor (12) is a single-barrel, updraft
controlled by an emission control valve which diverts the
gases from the crankcase through a tube and into the
design which is secured to the intake manifold.  It
intake manifold. Crankcase pressure is regulated by a
contains its own filter mounted near the fuel inlet. The
pressure control chamber which is part of the emission
carburetor fuel bowl has a drain plug to permit removal
control valve.  The emission control system helps to
of contaminated fuel, and a drain cock to remove
prevent engine blow-by gases from polluting the
excess fuel if the engine becomes flooded.
e. The governor (9, fig. 4-7) operates the throttle
4-21. Fuel Strainer, Fuel Lines, and Fittings
control of the carburetor (12) to provide the required
engine speed, depending upon the setting of the manual
a. Fuel Strainer Service.  If moisture or other
throttle control. The engine will maintain the set speed
regardless of load, provided the load applied does not
contaminants are visible through the glass bowl of the
exceed the horsepower rating of the engine. Several
fuel strainer, service the fuel strainer as directed in
adjustment points are provided to ensure proper engine
governor control.
b. Removal. Remove the fuel strainer and the fuel
f.  The intake manifold (18) and exhaust manifold
lines and fittings as shown in items 1 through 10 of
(4) are bolted directly to the cylinder head and are
figure 4-8 and items 1 through 10 to figure 4-9.
sealed with a gasket.  The intake manifold provides
mounting for the carburetor and directs the fuel and air
mixture to the cylinders. The exhaust manifold routes
the exhaust gases through the muffler.  It includes a

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