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Page Title: WARNING
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TM 10-3835-219-14 WARNING Potential health hazards result from inhalation of petroleum solvent vapors and from contact of solvent with skin. Use rubber gloves and hand cream for protec tion, and work with adequate ventilation. Dry cleaning solvent used to clean parts is potentially dangerous to personnel and  property.  Avoid  repeated  and  prolonged  skin  contact.  Do  not  use  near  open flame or excessive heat. Flash point of solvent is 1000 F-138°F (38°C-60°C). (e) Apply 6 inches(152 mm) of dry cleaning solvent to the inside of both hose ends (2) and dry thoroughly. (f) Apply rubber cement to cut (raw) area of one hose end (2). (g) Apply a coat of rubber cement to shank (3) of hose adapter up to shoulder (4). (h) Immediately insert hose adapter (5) into hose end so that cement acts as a lubricant. It it is necessary to pound adapter into hose, place a wooden block overselling faces of adapter to prevent any damage. Ensure that adapt- er is inserted in hose up to shoulder. (i) Secure adapter (5) using three double-wrap steel bands (6) as follows: 1 Cut 30 inches (762 mm) of strapping, slide seal (7) on band, bend approximately 1 1/2 inches of band under seal, bring end of band around hose and again through seal. 2 Continue band around hose once more and again through seal. This provides double banding. 3 Position band (8) approximately 5 inches (127 mm) from end of adapter (9). Place band in open slot of tool nose (10) in slide (11). With thumb on band gripper lever (12), apply tension by turning handle (13) on tool. After tension is created, it is not longer necessary to hold band gripper lever as it locks itself under tension. 4 Place finger on band at bridge (14) while turning tool handle (15). When band stops moving, stop turning handle seal. CAUTION Failure to back off with tension handle throughout entire rolling operation may result in breaking of band. 5 Roll tool (16) over seal, backing off with tension handle (17) through entire course of roll. There is no loss of tension. As band releases, it is used up in the bend. 6 Pull cutting handle (18) to cut band. 7 Remove tool (19); holding stub (20) of band down with thumb. 8 Clinch stubby  hammering  down  buckle  ears  (21). 9 Repeat steps 1 through 6, placing a second band 3.5 inches (88.9 mm) from adapter end and a third band 2 inches (50.8 mm) from adapter end. Change 1 3-11

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